A new firm; A new way of thinking

SoundIN is a client-focused provider of acoustic and air quality services. We recognise that our clients want solutions; they want a firm that approaches old problems with new ideas.

Embracing technology at the core of our business, SoundIN is revolutionising the way noise and vibration is predicted, assessed and communicated.

We offer a full range of acoustic consulting services across all industries - environmental assessments; road, rail, sea and air transport; noise and vibration monitoring; quarrying and mining; architectural acoustics; workplace noise.

SoundIN can assist your project long after most consultants would have finished; after the "assessment report" or "management plan". Our team are experienced in engaging with stakeholders, regulators and the community.

Our flagship range of website apps communicate your project like never before - an interactive platform whereby users can access the information that is relevant to them.


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